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Development of an Internet Marketing Plan

Developping an Internet Marketing Plan is one very crucial part of business. Without a strategic planning in that field there a steadily trial and error process which costs time and money. Especially in nowadays business environment it is very important to secure a time advance when entering the market. A marketing plan helps to differentiate your company and make your services distinct from similar Internet businesses. Our skilled Internet Marketing Managers will compile and develop an Internet Marketing Plan for your Web site which will embrace the following:
  • Situation Analysis, which is necessary to position you firmly in the market. We will thoroughly study the situation that you are facing and will help you to track the trends which are taking place.
  • SWOT Analysis. We will evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to create the right marketing and promotional strategy.
  • Market Analysis. We will study the top 3 to 5 of your rivals and review their strengths, methods and web presence.
  • Promotional and Marketing Tactics will include:
  • SEO
  • development of a submission strategy
  • target customer search phrase analysis
  • link-exchange, banner-exchange
  • development of your own affiliate program (optional)
Innovate Web Solutions
Why is Web 2.0 venture capital increasing, but real success is still hard to find? The space flight industries are a good example to see that investing only in technique is rarely a profitable business on its own. Its allways required to have ideas that can be used by the public and generates a ROI. Concepts including mutual benefit are the Holy Grail of online business investments. The ACDC whitepaper Planning for Success: Levitated Project, Concept & Investment Opportunities for Business Angels.
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October 2008
ALIGMA in Saudi Arabia

Since October 2008 ALIGMA is involved in a futurewised project in Jeddah. The projects main target is the development of a online marketing agency capable to act nationwide. Targeted clients are the Top 100 Sudi Arabien Companies.

März 2009
Realignment of ALIGMAs array of products

The rezession conditions new product alignments also in the IT & Marketing branch. The optimization of existing marketing channels is important. More important we consider the development of new marketing channels. Certainly online as usual for ALIGMA. Untill the end of summer 2009 the realignment shall be completed


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Who does not advertise in crysis Want survive!

In this Recession, the only solution to the threats facing us is to take immediate steps to attract new customers, keep those customers and improve our Marketing, sales and online strategies.
Businesses who don't make Marketing and Internet Marketing a priority in the weeks and months ahead will struggle and many will fail. Please don't be one of them. Statistics show that 99% of people who visit a typical website, leave that site without buying anything or making any contact with the business. In this economic climate, having an ineffective website is a recipe for financial disaster. Not to have any website is more worst than that!

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